Sidney Gavignet
AG - Love

AG - Love

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This this one is personal y'know?
That's right, uh-huh
Cause this ain't no love song, this is real hardcore love y'knahmean?
Yo Design you my ears right now baby
Check it out
Check it out

It's what I would die for, it's the reason I live
Risk my life for my kids, gave Eve my rib
It's that unbreakable bond between you and your moms
Can't see her bein harmed, why you give your right arm
Cause when your man pass, his legacy lives on
So it's why we celebrate, the day he was born
It's that unspoen word, when actions tell it all
It's why you hold me down when my back's against the wall
Why I rep for yours, accept your calls
Talk for hours on the phone 'til the day you come home, huh
It's why we went from, me to us
We took an oath to be together and forever ain't long enough

Can you hear me? (I can't hear you)
What I'm sayin (Ay what you tellin me?)
What I'm doin (Yo what'chu do)
It's all for you (That's right, that's right)
We doooooooooooooo-ooooooooooooooooooooooh

It's the highest understandin between people
It's the opposite of evil, used wrong it's lethal
Why we come to the shows, despite the violence
Why you understand your lady, despite the silence
Seperated from you, is what the hurting's about
We went astray but it's the reason that we workin it out
That's why I lie for you, die wit'chu
Got a problem with the world, that's why I ride wit'chu
And we don't share the same blood but I call you my father
Why if I dissapoint you, always try harder
It's the one thing I believe in, make me a martyr
Won't hesitate for a sec I'm ready, take me I'm honored


It's what my pops ain't show me when that nigga bounced
So I guess he had doubts but I can't relate
And you know I only spit that real in your ear
Speak the truth even when it's not what you wanna here
Like - when you told me she was doin her thing
Came straight out so hard and you knew it would sting
That's why I give you my last, or the shirt off my back
You got a secret can't tell that's why I won't even ask
It's what I felt when I sat down to write this
Like sleepin with the woman that you want to spend your life with is


D.I.T.C., let's go...